Today's marketplace demands exceptional quality and service. At Superior Aluminum Alloys, we understand product quality and the need for value-added services. That's why, when it comes to aluminum alloys, we truly are Superior.

Superior offers state-of-the art technology, industry expertise, and efficiencies built in to virtually every process. Each stage of every process takes into account our customers' needs and expectations. The result: the highest quality aluminum alloys available on the market today at a competitive price. Our plant is strategically located near major interstates to provide convenient access to both vendors and customers.

Superior Aluminum Alloys offers a variety of shapes and alloys including:

  • Molten Metal / Transport
  • 3% Alloys
  • 1% Alloys
  • Low Copper Alloys
  • Piston Alloys
  • Grade 1 Super Low Mg Deox Aluminum Cones and 25 lb bar

At Superior Aluminum Alloys, our focus is always on the customer, and their needs. That is why we will work with our customers to create custom blends that fit their unique application.

Product Chart of all Superior Alluminum Alloys

Aluminum Alloy Ingot made to Customer Specification

Grade 1 Super Low Mg Aluminum Deoxidizing Cones

Aluminum Alloy Sow

Sow Line

Molten Aluminum Alloys

Molten Metal in 30,000 pound Over the Road Ladle